Designing Science and Technology Park of Tabriz with Organic Architecture Approach, Inspired by Ants' Nest Algorithm

  •  Zahra Ghannadian    
  •  Shahriyar Shaghagh    


Establishment of every urban element in its appropriate position requires advanced technology and science from geographical and climatic point of view. This is accompanied and synchronous with modern culture born by supreme and high level of training and education in the society. In this regard, one of the main objectives of the architectures' union is to establish science and Technology Park with the aim of facilitating and accelerating science and technology transmission from university to the society and country.Tabriz city is considered as one of the most important academic and industrial cities in the country. Establishing science and technology parks can be effective in scientific, economic and social development of the country and province. Employing organic methods in architecture to use natural energies is an effective and useful method and its structure produces less pollution. Using philosophical and introductory issues and views of technology and establishing technology parks, present article proceeds on issues of organic architecture with new approach which is inspired by ants' nest algorithm and presents a new experience of architecture in the form of Science and Technology Park.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.