Investigating Decoupage and Cinematic Special-Effects in Ferdowsi's Shahnameh

  •  Fatemeh Nezhad Nili    


Decoupage or cinematic segmentation is a step by step map used by filmmaker to produce a film or television show, and cinematic special effect is reconstruction and re-creation of unrealistic or impossible scenes during production process. Shahnameh Ferdowsi, due to its attractive, deep and imaginative stories, enjoys a high capacity to be exploited in the field of movies and cinematic productions. The author aims to define principles and basic concepts of decoupage and special effects as well as to extract famous stories on each of the mythological, heroic and historical sections of the Shahnameh and to adapt the poems to cinematic segmentations. The author also aims to investigate each hemistich or line as a visual shot, and battles descriptions and marvels illustrated in epic and heroic works as special effects which are capable of being reconstructed in the world of movies. Analysis of mentioned stories and adapting Ferdowsi's imageries to the scenes defined in the modern scripts, has flaunted inherent ability of the Shahnameh to regenerate and adapt itself to the present time due to its creative and illustrator poet, and represents Ferdowsi as a filmmaker with a cinematic mind. At the end, the story will be analyzed and decoupaged and turns into a full screenplay, without any interferes and just based on Ferdowsi poems to become a work of art in various visual formats such as movies, TV shows, animations, computer games, etc. At the same time, it accounts for both aspects of form and content in a prominent work.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.