Prioritizing Strategies of Relationship with Retail Customers in Several Levels of Life Cycle by Integrated Approach: KANO-IPA-QFD-TOPSIS

  •  Mehdi Bagheri Ghalenoie    
  •  Mohammad Hussein Abooie    


Today, customer orientation and relationship with customers is considered as one of the main strategies of development in organizations. In this regard, it is necessary to create a process that is able of making relationship with different costumers due to their needs and demands. Quality function development (QFD) is one of the common methods regarding to attention to customers’ needs and adopting them with definitions and features of costumers in several life cycle levels. In this article, first technical features ( relationship strategies) and relationship needs of retail customers (features of relationship strategies) are recognized; then, strategies of costumers relationship ion each level of life cycle are prioritized using integrated technique of quality QFD and TOPSIS. The results show prioritization of new relationship strategies, especially internet communications compared to other strategies. This study is considered as an efficient step to improve relationship with costumers and as a result, to keep and develop organizations’ development status using information gathered from costumers in different levels of life cycle.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.