International Judicial Position: A Chance to Express Effective Ideas in the International Legal System

  •  Roghieh Ebrahimi    
  •  Hossein Sharifi Tarazkouhi    


Each system component, which is in relation with human social life, is in mutual interaction with its environment and in a constant evolution and change. This uninterrupted move, which always led to the upswing whole system at the end, is implemented in the wake of its components with the requirements of human life. So it can be said that organizational development of international law that one of its achievements is the emergence of international tribunals as an embodiment of the maturity of relations between political units and their collective life, was a value flow and its result was the development of normative system of international law; an effective relationship between the structure and norm-cross in which each other will equip and grow. In this study, a thorough investigation into all aspects and intricacies of this effect is not desired. But only review the corner of the ocean in terms of cause and effect is included developing rules of international law.

In spite of the general meaning of "International Judicial Position" in this topic, our focus will be on the position of the Judges at the International court of justice as the main judicial organ of United Nations organization.

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