Thermal Stress Induced Catalase Activity Level in Mulberry Silkworm ?

  •  Pezhman Nabizadeh    
  •  T. S. Jagadeesh Kumar    


In order to understanding the level of changes in catalase activity in the three body tissues of Bombyx mori L. under high temperature conditions, the larva of five bivoltine breeds were exposed to 35±1°C and 40±1°C, during fifth instar. Based on the results in the present investigation, Catalase, significantly (p<0.001) revealed the highest level of activity in the fat body tissue, compared to midgut and haemolymph. As well as, compared to CSR4, JROP, NB4D2 and KA breeds, CSR2 relatively showed the most level of catalase activity under the control (28±1°C) and imposed thermal stresses.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.