Investigating Factors Affecting the Export of Pistachio, Saffron and Solutions to Improve Exports

  •  Arash Nazemi    


Today, the development of non-oil exports considered a necessity, because goods export increases exchange earnings and thus guaranteeing the implementation of economic development programs is made possible foreign exchange costs and increase employment in the country for the purpose of this study is an applied research. Its aim is to investigate the factors affecting export of pistachios and saffron, field study method through questionnaires used, to determine the validity of questionnaires the expert’s opinions of (Delphi), and for determination of reliability Cronbach's Alpha method is used. Population consisted of exporters of pistachios and saffron of the country. According to the test results identified factors such as laws and regulations, export of unprocessed bulk was not asked to book factories have been identified factors affecting the export of these goods.

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