Automation of a Cans Waste Sorting System Using the Ejector System

  •  Yulia Resti    
  •  Amrifan Saldan M    
  •  Firmansyah Burlian    
  •  Irsyadi Yani    
  •  Ali Amran.    


This research aims to integrate a mechanical system of cans waste sorting with the identification system in real-time which the mechanical system is designed using an ejector system. This system is made based on a five-bar mechanism of aluminum plate where the last bar that serve as end effector is connected a servo motor as a driving force. The controller of servo motor uses microcontroller arduino uno. The cans waste are sorted based on three types of cans waste. They are pure aluminum cans (type 1), aluminum cans mixture of metal (type 2) and aluminum cans mixture of hazardous substances (type 3). The testing result of automation of a cans waste sorting system is got the success rate of 92.53%.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.