Real Time Tracking RGB Color Based Kinect

  •  Ahmed Alzbier    
  •  Hang Cheng    


As the present computer vision technology is growing up, and the multiple RGB color object tracking is considered as one of the important tasks in computer vision and technique that can be used in many applications such as surveillance in a factory production line, event organization, flow control application, analysis and sort by colors and etc. In video processing applications, variants of the background subtraction method are broadly used for the detection of moving objects in video sequences. The background subtraction is the most popular and common approach for motion detection. However , this is paper presents our investigation the first objective of the whole algorithm chain is to find the RGB color within a video. The idea from the beginning was to look for certain specific features of the patches, which would allow distinguishing red, green and blue color objects in the image. In this paper an algorithm is proposed to track the real time moving RGB color objects using kinect camera. We will use a kinect camera to capture the real time video and making an image frame from this video and extracting red, green and blue color .Here image processing is done through MATLAB for color recognition process each color. Our method can tracking accurately at 95% in real-time.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.