Study on Dynamic Construction Mechanics of Small-Distance Tunnel in Soft and Weak Rocks

  •  Hengbin Wu    
  •  Yunxiang He    
  •  Guoliang Song    


Based on the construction theory of New Austria Method(NAM), relyed on a tunnel project of small distance in soft and weak rocks, this paper builds the numerical model and simulates 3D finite element method elastoplastic of the construction process by the construction method of double-sidewalls. The displacement changes of some points around the tunnel are analysised with the tunnel’s excavation. The safety of the tunnel structure and stability of surrounding rock are estimated by analyzing the surface subsidence, forces undertaken by the supporting structures and plastic zone. The results show that the method of construction mentioned above is reasonable, the influence of the later tunnel excavation on the surface subsidence and tunnel deformations of the earlier tunnel excavation is relatively obvious.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.