Identify and Prioritize Risks of Construction Projects Based on Fuzzy Logic (Case Study: Construction Project of Iranian Investment and Sustainable Development Company)

  •  Shima Ahmadi Aras    
  •  Zahra Amirhosseini    


The purpose of the research was to identify and rank risks in construction projects of Iranians investment and Sustainable Development Company. This descriptive study based on purpose and on the basis of data collection is the survey. The study society consisted of 25 experts in construction projects. The data collected through a questionnaire which is then used to calculate the reliability and validity researcher.

Thus, using literature review and interviews with experts, more than 100 risks were identified and were divided based on risk factors and risk breakdown structure, for weighting criteria, network analysis process which is used to obtain the internal relationship between the criteria of DIMATEL fuzzy method is used, then rankings risks were done using fuzzy TOPSIS algorithm. The results showed that, given the vague nature of the data in most projects, the proposed model is suitable for the real world.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.