Business Intelligence Application Model in Hedge Funds Supporting Knowledge-Based Companies

  •  Farzad Tarhani    
  •  Omid Zare Ameli    


Nowadays, organizations having a more profound understanding as well as evaluation of their area of activities and acquiring more competitive advantages will be successful in the competitive environment. Organizations have excelled over their rivals and acquired a special status in the arena of competition with the help of increased competitive intelligence and organizational intelligence as well. The present research deals with presenting a business intelligence (BI) application model in hedge funds supporting knowledge-based companies to promote their performance. The present study is developmental, from the perspective of purpose, and descriptive survey, from that of research method. The statistical population of the study constitutes the employees of the hedge funds in Tehran; however, due to the limited scope of the statistical society, counting all method was used to choose the sample size. Questionnaire was used as the research tool. The validity and reliability of the questionnaire was confirmed using, respectively, Thurston method and Cronbach's alpha. Furthermore, SPSS19 software was used to analyze data. Investigation of the data revealed that business intelligence has a significant impact upon the funds in supporting knowledge-based companies. Amongst the indicators of business intelligence, the highest effectiveness was dedicated to analytical data warehouse indicator followed by corporate dashboards and data mining indicators, respectively.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.