Branding an Important Step in Business Success

  •  Behzad Jafari    
  •  Forough Behnam Far    
  •  Abolfazl Babaei    
  •  Maryam Faraji    


Businesses are always looking for a way to advertise their products and services indirectly, in other words, to stick themselves on their clients and addresses mind. A successful company should try to make familiar their made products years. In this regard whenever the company produces goods and it's attempt is to sell more, then they will advance faster than competitors, if they invent a suitable trade name. Since past creation a trade name has assumed an important proceeding in consumer markets.

Researches show that purchase descions are more complicated in consumer markets, and many companies have set their decisions based on different factors except creation a trade name. Many active companies in trading science ignore creation a trade name and it pursues many risks for them.

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