Effectiveness of Educational Combination of Marital Relation on Reducing Conflict Marital and Improvement of the Quality of Life for Women

  •  Mozhgan Rafiee    
  •  Hossein Davoodi    


This study was carried out with the objective of evaluating the effect of combined Effectiveness of 1 And 2 Educational Combination Relation Marital Skills (Speaking and listening to each other) and (moving forward together) On Reducing Marital Conflict And Improving The Quality of Life For Women of Mahmudabad city. The statistical population of the research were 80 housewives under the support of Welfare Organization of Mahmoud Abad city who had records in 2014-15 among whom 20 individuals were randomly selected as statistical sample using available sampling. 10 individuals were randomly assigned to the experimental group and 10 individuals were assigned to the control group. Research tools were marital conflicts’ questionnaire with 42 items (Barati & Snaie, 1996) and quality of life questionnaire with 26 questions (WHOQ-REFB) of the world Health Organization. The results of the study showed that integrated teaching of 1 and 2 marital communication skills (taking and listening to each other) and (moving forward together) has had no effect on reduction of marital conflicts and improvement of quality of life of woman.

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