Studying Quality Factors of Townscape in Coasts Case Study: Joffre Neighborhood Center in Persian Gulf Coast of Boushehr

  •  Rahil Nadoomi    
  •  Zahra Shamsi    
  •  Maryam Nikbakht Dehkordi    


Men’s tendency and requirement have been increased for being represented in natural areas in the city through industrialization and cities development. On the one hand, the necessity of surviving of urban damaged and dense areas and protecting and improvement of natural resources in cities and on the other hand, the townscape has been considered because of increasing the quality of urban spaces of environment in nature. Based on these views, surviving sea coasts, wharfs, green spaces, making connection among them and urban residential areas require coordination between environmental approaches and urban issues and solutions should be chosen to provide a balance among urban, aesthetic and ecology approaches. The present essay attempts to study the concept of townscape quality through descriptive-analysis method by considering Joffre coastal neighborhood center in western south of Boushehr as a part of coastal townscape and effective indicators on its quality and present solutions for promoting and improving the quality of coastal townscape in the studied part.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.