Evaluation of Telecommunications Electromagnetic Compatibility with the Use of Three-Dimensional Modeling Technology

  •  Tatiana Sergeevna Abbasova    
  •  Natalya Petrovna Sidorova    
  •  Natalya Nikolaevna Teodorovich    
  •  Elshan Maggeram Oglu Abbasov    


Three-dimensional modeling is used as a new way of presenting information about the electromagnetic compatibility of telecommunications infrastructure equipment. We analyzed the problem of modeling of electromagnetic noise waves equipment and communication channels of telecommunications monitoring systems. Conducted the analysis of control problems of telecommunications equipment electromagnetic compatibility. Described the real conditions of installing the electronic equipment in computational complexes. Using tools of 3D-modeling was formed cable route, taking into account the suppression of noise waves, placement of telecommunication devices and checking whether the threshold value of cable susceptibility for all options of its gasket between devices was transcended. It is proposed to study the behavior of electromagnetic fields in the cable lines with shielding cable, electrostatic discharge, providing set of measures for electromagnetic compatibility, to convert created in a three-dimensional environment model in a specialized settlement package. The prospects of the use 4D-, 5D-, 6D-simulation for analysis of the implementation of projects, reduction of operating and electromagnetic compatibility costs.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.