Explanation of a Knowledge Workers Maintenance and Retention Model in Mapna Electric and Control, Engineering and Manufacturing Company (MECO)

  •  Behnam Dehban    
  •  Azadeh Heydari    


This research aimed to investigate and explain maintenance and retention model of Knowledge workers in MECO Company in 2015. The research statistical population consisted of all Knowledge workers with working conditions in MECO Company. Based on the estimation, the number of eligible employees was determined 138 people. 102 people among these were considered as sample size using Cochran formula and simple random sampling method. Data collection methods had been both qualitative and quantitative. Effective components were extracted on the basis of statements recorded from interviewees, discussions and dialogues, principles of observations, documentation and so on. It also was measured by researcher-made questionnaire. Questionnaire reliability was calculated using Cronbach's alpha method. Its value for all variables of questionnaire was acceptable values higher than 0.7. Similarly, the content validity was used to test the validity of the questionnaire. For this purpose the questionnaires were confirmed by relevant experts. Data obtained from the implementation of questionnaires were analyzed using SPSS software in two descriptive and inferential parts. Finally, the research results in the form of a model confirmed role of factors such as organizational structure of occupational satisfaction, communication system, evaluation and control system, organizational culture, pay and reward system, and job stress in the retention and maintenance of Knowledge workers in MECO Company.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.