One Method to Reduce Data Classification Using Weighting Technique in SVM +

  •  Arash Ghorban Niya Delavar    
  •  Zahra Jafari    


SVM, a learning algorithm to analyze data and recognize patterns is used. But there is an important issue, replicate data as well as its real-time processing has not been correctly calculated. For this reason, in this paper we have provided a method DCSVM+ to reduce data classification using weighting technique in SVM +. The proposed method with regard to the parameters to SVM + has the optimum response time. By observing the parameter of data volume and their density, we abled to classify the size of interval as case that this classification to investigated case study reduces the running time of algorithm SVM +. Also by providing objective function of the proposed method, we abled to reduce replicate data to SVM + by integrating parameters and data classification and finally we provided threshold detector (TD) for method of DCSVM + to with respect to the competency function, we reduce the processing time as well as increase data processing speed. Finally proposed algorithm with weighting technique of function to SVM + is optimized in terms of efficiency.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.