Studying of the Factors Affecting on the Mutual Fund by Individual Investor in Iran, Malaysia, Turkey and US

  •  Haniyeh Amiri    
  •  Ana Maria Gil-Lafuente    


This study examines the main criteria of domestic investors in mutual funds selection behavior and evaluates their performance and with a survey method and using a questionnaire, the behavior of domestic investors in selection of mutual fund was evaluated. Factor analysis along with Multinomial Logistic Regression was used to test the hypotheses of the research. The Findings of the study indicate that there are 7 major factors that influence different types of investors in mutual funds selection behavior. These include: inherent characteristics of the fund, image reputation of fund, flexibility to facilitate the investment, performance, popularity, transparency and non-cash benefits. Another important aspect of this study is analysis impressibility the different groups of investors (professional, ambitious, moderate, conservative and cautious) towards these seven factors. The results of this analysis give us what is different between professional investors and other kinds of investors in the selecting of mutual funds.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.