Checking the Relationship between Quality of Work Life and Employees Job Satisfaction of Education District 10 of Tehran

  •  Rogheyeh Najafifar    


Considering the fact that in all of the organization including education organization quality of work life today has found a special place, because this reason lack and vacuum of working life quality cause employees have not spirit that they should have to work, and this leads to job satisfaction and ultimately employee productivity reduce and working environment and career seem hollow. So in this research tried to assess the relationship between work life quality and job satisfaction in Education Organization of Tehran. This research was conducted in period is July and August 2015. The research method is descriptive and correlational and the study population included all employees in the Education Organization 10 District of Tehran. The total number is 100 people. That according to Cochran formula was calculated sample size of over 79 people. In this study, for the data analysis, descriptive and inferential statistical methods such as Kolmogorov - Smirnov correlation test was used. The study results showed that 8 independent variable of this research significantly have significant relationship with dependent variable job satisfaction.

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