Amending and Changing the Seismic Behavior of K-bracing by Yielding Damped Braced Frame (YDBF)

  •  Vajdian Mehdi    
  •  Ali Parvari    
  •  Habibi Alireza    


An inactive control method is to prepare the kinds of dampers as inactive energy wasting factor for metallic structure buildings. Yielding metallic dampers (or excurrent) are metallic devices which can waste energy in an earthquake by the effect of non-elastic changes of metals, also in the braced systems of structure buildings, they can improve resistance against earthquake and their damages control potential significantly. With regard to the geometry of K-bracing and the weaknesses which are by the effect of a resultant of two compressive and tensile forces of Bersnon, Iran's earthquake regulation in 2008 has exerted some limitations for using of this system. Therefore, in this research we tried to eliminate these limitations to some extent by using of metallic dampers. For doing this research, by using of two software of finite components (sap2000, Abaqus) with static non-linear analysis, we achieved the same purpose. This kind of dampers due to the simplicity of their installation and low cost of them can be applied both in new and existing buildings.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.