Studying the Effective Factors on Quality of Human Sources Training Plans (Case study: Employees of Iran's Saderat Bank- Tehran's West Superintendence)

  •  Mina Jamshidi Avanaki    
  •  Kolsoom Najafifar    


The purpose of this paper is to study the effective factors on quality of human sources training plans. Current research in terms of purpose is applicable and in terms of nature, it is descriptive and correlation kind and in terms of method, it is a survey research. The statistical population includes all employees who work in Saderat Bank of Tehran's west superintendence that the total number was 200 persons. The sample size was selected 131 persons according to Cochran's formula and the sampling method was simple random. In order to collect the data, the researcher-made questionnaire with 37 items in the form of 5-degree Likert spectrum from too high to too low was used. The face and content validity of questionnaire was confirmed by some of the experts and knowledgeable persons. Since Cronbach's Alpha coefficient for the variables of curriculums (0.875), training environment (0.942), work environment (0.759), personality characteristics of trainees (0.901), quality of in-service training plans (0.867) was obtained higher than 0.7, therefore the reliability of the questionnaire is confirmed. In order to analyze the data, one-sample t-test and two-variable linear Regression with spss software were used. The results indicated the variables of curriculums with β coefficient of 0.068 percent, training environment with β coefficient of 0.379 percent, work environment with β coefficient of 0.762 percent and personality characteristics of trainees with β coefficient of 0.241 percent have the power of predicting the dependent variable changes of in-service training plans quality. The adjusted explanation coefficient was 0.980 that indicated 4 independent variables of the research have been able to predict 98 percent of dependent variable changes.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.