A Study on Effects of Risk Management in Urban Tunnel Constructing Projects

  •  Mehdi Mahdavi    
  •  Mehrdad Kangani    


Although many studies have been conducted on project management and risk management until now, tunnel constructing projects are not under risk management studies. The focus of this study is to define the risks which are effective on tunnel constructing projects and also the method of configuration, relationships and amount of such risks. Then, the responses of the project and the methods of risk management in tunnel constructing projects will be discussed in this study; in order to get favorite results of project through conducting risk management routines.

Tunneling projects consist of complicated events and sophisticated technical systems. So, the risk management must of high importance for managers and engineers involved in such projects. In order to understand the involved risks, some questionings were conducted on tunnel constructing companies. At the end of these questionings, some solutions were proposed to solve the risk problem. In this study, the projects involved in Tehran subway system’s construction were studied.

Based on the Standish Group’s report, 40 percent of construction projects don’t come to end and 50 percent of construction projects consume more budget than estimated. Furthermore, about 50 percent of finished projects don’t have the enough functionality. Since covering the most aims and missions of organizations are depicted in operational projects, management and risk control play a vital role in success of projects.

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