Propose a Model of Urban Landscape Management Deal with City Vandals: A Case Study of 20th District of Tehran

  •  Mohammad Reza Samimi    
  •  Hossein Kalantari Khalil Abad    
  •  Aref Agha Safari    


Vandalism is one of the hidden results of the rise of modernism that appearance of this phenomenon can be seen in city centers, schools, sports club, etc. in abundance. And today in urban communities is considered as a serious problem that compromises safety and security of urban communities. Destruction of the urban landscapes by the vandals and loss of interests of citizens in the case of the city face that creates confusion and chaos of urban landscape is not a new problem. And at least in the last three decades considered by the social activist groups and NGOs, environmental scientists, artists, city managers and ordinary people directly and indirectly. It exists convergence and consensus on the desirability of merging the face of the city and reducing urban landscape and urban landscapes as part of a person's identity and is known aspect of human existence. The purpose of this article is providing a model of urban landscape management in dealing with urban vandal from the perspective of residents and administrators. Using existing literature, beginning some management indicators to assess the effects of mining and based on required data were collected through questionnaires from district 20 in Tehran. Study, methods that fits the type of data model is used SWOT and statistical methods to analyze data without parameters. The results show that the effects of vandalism in the considered area were been and can be customized according to the features and functionality and urban potential in this area and by applying strategic planning, according to the aforementioned factors and in the shadow of integrated management sustainable development in order to reduce the effects of destruction in this region. It also seems to be the best kind of theory about urban management in the region, a new theory or system. And in 20th District management model in order to deal with urban vandalism attention to the planners and policy makers in different dimensions is considered. As well as monitoring and planning should be limited to the initial phase and policies But also in the design, implementation and maintenance of urban spaces, urban furniture, etc. should also be considered And in this respect also must be careful.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.