Effectiveness of Group Counseling with Solution Focused (Brief) Therapy (SFBT) on Increasing Self-Efficacy of Fifth Grade Primary School Female Students

  •  Zahra Sarvi    
  •  Mitra Ghazi    


The present study is aimed at investigating the effectiveness of group counseling with solution focused (brief) therapy (SFBT) on increasing self-efficacy of fifth grade primary school female students. Therefore, from among 88 fifth grade primary school female students, 16 individuals who had achieved the lowest scores in the pretest were selected and then divided into two 8 participant groups. SFBT was performed in five session for the experimental group and the second group received no educational and therapeutic intervention during these sessions. Regarding the obtained results, the research hypothesis was confirmed at the significance level p>0.01. These results indicate that using SFBT, primary school students’ self-efficacy can be improved.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.