Comparison of Renovation of Damaged Fabrics with Smart Growth Approach (Case Study: Renovation of Qarani Neighborhood in Mashhad)

  •  Rezvani Kakhki Saeid    
  •  Rahnama Mohammad Rahim    


A special position is dedicated to preservation and reconstruction of old city centers in the world with the aim of cultural, economic, social and historical revival. Economic revival is considered as an important strategy which means boosting suitable and harmonious economic activities to both strengthening the existing activities and attracting new economic activities. Over time, the centers of cities gradually wear out and their importance and application decrease. This will lead to migration of city center residents to suburbs and consequently horizontal growth of cities. Smart growth and form-oriented regulations formulation known as transport regulations is as one of the introduced approaches in developed cities to deal with horizontal growth and urban sprawl. In the recent study, the processes of old areas reconstruction are compared to the transport criteria and indices of smart growth to deal with horizontal growth. We have attempted to make it possible to evaluate local projects and reconstruct damaged urban textures. In addition, hypotheses were examined using mean comparison test to determine the conformity of these methods with the smart growth. Results showed that the local project of reconstruction of Qarani neighborhood in Mashhad is inconsistent with the smart growth regulations.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.