Confirmatory Factor Analysis of Aurora-a Battery on Children

  •  Sara Aghababaei    
  •  Mokhtar Malekpour    
  •  Bagher Kajbaf    
  •  Ahmad Abedi    


The aim of this research is confirmatory factor analysis of Aurora-a Battery on Iranian children. Aurora-a Battery is a cognitive assessment according to Robert J. Sternberg’s theory of Successful Intelligence. 400 children 9-12 years old were selected through multi-steps sampling method and were tested with Aurora-a test. These children were from geographically diverse schools in Isfahan city, Iran. The factor analysis of data was performed through Amos software. Fit indices show that data fit with model. Moreover, the correlation between test total score and the analytical, creative and practical intelligences were 0.91, 0.94 and 0.84, respectively. Alpha for Aurora’s total score was equal to 0.92 as well. Aurora-a test can be an appropriate and valid instrument for identification gifted children aged 9-12 according to Sternberg’s theory of successful intelligence. This test allows many children to be identified as gifted which in turn provides the opportunity of further development of their potential.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.