Design and Implementation of Pulse Width Modulation Driving System for Voice Coil Motor

  •  Rilong Liu    
  •  Renxin Liu    


According to the performance requirements of the control system for voice coil motor, a pulse width modulation driving system is designed and implemented based on an integrated power device and a field programmable gate array. LMD18200 is used as the motor driver to design the unit of switch type power driving. With APA300 as the digital controller, the modular design of the digital controller realizes with the Verilog hardware describing language, so it has a good flexibility and portability. The experimental results show that the current loop can rapidly keep track of current changes under the working condition of the voice coil motor power driver. Therefore, the servo system of voice coil motor is compared with the practical requirement.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.