Islamic Dealings with Non-Muslims in Their Religious Occasions

  •  Mohammed Sabbar Taha    
  •  Abdull Rahman Mahmood    
  •  Jaffary Awang    
  •  Ahamd Munawer Imail    
  •  Mohammed Abdulhameed Sleibi    


In this study, one of the main comprehending features of Islamic legislation is that all religions; whether they are celestial or not from the Islamic countries, it is stated in the legislation regarding dealing controls with non-Muslims such as how to deal with them in their religious and non-religious occasions. Recently, there some overtaking from some Muslims during the participation of non-Muslims in their occasions, especially in (holidays), refers to different reasons. The objectives and methods of this study mentioned that the jurists’ sayings include religious rituals as well as exclude them. This issue requires the topic from the belief side, using induction approach texts and analyzing the sayings. In conclusion, this study leads to the prohibition of participating in their religious occasions, except that serves religion and Muslims. In addition to what is necessary it is permissible to participate in occasions which don’t have religious rituals, and clarify negative effects in participation and ways of treatments.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.