Components of School-Based Management in the Educational Systems of Several Countries

  •  Kewmars Fallahi    
  •  Nematallah Matin    


Manage school axis, as one of the Strategies of reform of education in the educational systems are in this solution wanted very much to the requests provides and decisions to the school for raising the level of education shown, experience of the school education axis, suggest this point is that what decisions to different levels of the school are close to access to society to attend enthusiastically with quality, guarantee more and the participation of people in the administration of schools in the framework of the policies of training adults national increase,. In the educational system school axis, passing through the administrative focus on the delete lack of concentration, subject to submission provides more from the center to the local and strategy more forward-thinking than simply hoping for programming textbooks based on local needs and participation of teachers and even students in the decisions related to school. In this check the chief aim" comparative compared solutions to manage school axis in the systems of different educational “It is using the method of descriptive name "Adapting the structure of the educational systems of the school of "and "comparison  pivotal school" and "study of the schools in the system of training 30 countries of the world".

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