Knowledge Management in Collaborative Manufacturing Food Companies Performances: Twin Impacts of Learning and Innovation

  •  Hashem Salarzadeh Jenatabadi    
  •  Che Wan Jasimah Wan Mohamed Radzi    
  •  Suzana Ariff Azizan    
  •  Maisarah Binti Hasbullah    
  •  Mohd Zufri Mamat    
  •  Peyman Babashamsi    


The purpose of this approach is to establish the twin impacts of organizational innovation (OI) with organizational learning (OL) in the relation between knowledge management (KM) and organizational performance (OP). 168 companies of manufacturing Food Company were chosen from Malaysia, Taiwan, China and path analysis is used to analyse the underlying hypotheses. The research framework under study contain four latent variables (OP; OL; KM; OI) and three observed indicators (firm type; firm size; firm age). Structural equation modelling include mediation and moderation analysis were used in this study. The obtained results support the literature regarding the relationship among these four constructs and prove that the combination of OI and OL is mediator in the linkage between KM and firm performance. Moreover, firm age, size and type are acting as moderators among the research latent variables. The introduced model can be consider as a basic framework for technology management modelling studies. Limitation and implications for future studies are discussed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.