Bending Response and Energy Absorption of Closed-Hat-Section Beams

  •  Hafizan Hashim    
  •  Amir Radzi Ab Ghani    
  •  Wahyu Kuntjoro    


Many articles on bending collapse but not limited to closed-hat-section beams have been reported mainly from experimental point of view but less in simulation-based approach. Detailed investigation on critical parameters of closed-hat-section beams to examine their energy absorption capability is also less found in the literature. This paper presents the procedure for development and validation of a finite element (FE) model of a closed-hat-section beam under quasi static three-point bending using an explicit nonlinear FE technique. Developed FE models were validated through comparison with existing and present experiment results. Firstly, the existing models were rebulit via present modeling technique using informations provided in the relevant research report. Simulation results of rebuilt model were compared with existing results for verification and validation. Next, to further validate the present model, actual physical experiment replicating the FE model was set up for comparison of results. Validated models were then used in parametric studies in order to investigate the effect of some critical parameters such as plate thickness, flange and web width, and foam filler. Results show that the wall thickness, web width, and filler have direct effect on bending stiffness. Foam filling indicated significant enhancement on the crush and energy absorption of closed-hat-section beams. This study provides detail procedures and research information which will facilitate improvisation of current design as well as the design of foam filled closed-hat-section beams as energy absorbers in impact applications.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.