Identifying and Evaluating the Criteria's Affecting of Customer ExperienceUsing Fuzzy Dematel Approach (Case Study: Branches of Bank Melli in Tehran)

  •  Mohammad Aghaei    
  •  Reza Anoushehi    


Customer experience is one of the most important factors that maintains the customer for banks and turns him into a loyal customer in the competitive marketplace conditions. This concept includes any type of interaction, feelings, perceptions, reactions, thoughts and other related cases from customers about the organization especially in the circumstance of service organization. In this study, 7 factors were identified as key determinants or constructs in the customer experience that according to the methodology of use the technique of fuzzy dematel, the most influential factor is the diversity of services and facilities provided in the bank. Other affecting factors include staff and managers of banks dealing with customers and quickness and easiness of using the bank's services. The factors that are affected are the communication system with the customers in the bank,  services environment in bank and advertising as well as the bank's reputation. According to the results, the most influential factor in the customer experience of the bank services is in fact the diversity of services and facilities provided by the bank and how the bank directors and staff deal with customers indicating that for customers the main services of bank and how the staff deal with them is very important and these two factors should be focused to increase better experience of customers.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.