Effectiveness Trichoderma asperellum on the Growth Cocoa Seeds under the Old Cocoa Trees

  •  Marliana S. Palad    
  •  Ambo Ala    
  •  Nasaruddin Nasaruddin    
  •  Nadira Sannang    


This study aimed to determine the effect of Trichoderma asperellum on the growth of cocoa seedlings under cocoa stands around 20 years old, so that cocoa seedlings to be used as rootstock on approach grafting for the rehabilitation of the roots of cocoa plants are old, growing well. Research compiled by randomized block design with frequency variation application T. asperellum that, once, twice and three times application respectively of4 gr.L-1 each plant. The results of the research, granting T. asperellum on cocoa seedlings planted under old cocoa trees and is still productive, able to help overcome competition in the utilization of nutrients and water as well as other growth inhibiting factors, and the influential on the vegetative growth of cocoa seedlings. Frequency of the best is three times the application that provides the most effective results for growing cocoa seeds, the seed growing percentage of 100% and an average plant height of 144.45 cm; number of leaves 37 strands; stem diameter 12.22 mm; and total leaf area 1388.30 cm2.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.