A Method Based on RTO and Selective Acknowledgement for Improving SCTP Protocol Performance in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

  •  Mostafa Tabaiyan    
  •  Mehdi Agha Sarram    


With the increasing development of Mobile Ad Hoc Network usage, there will be more need to have a transport protocol with an appropriate throughput in end to end transport. Because of the design nature of TCP protocol for wired Networks, its application in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks causes a reduction in efficiency, performance and throughput.

Protocols such as SCTP with sufficient validity and reliability in data transfer are proposed as solution for increasing throughput. However, in order to provide the above quality, sacrifice factors such as Network balance. In the present paper, two optimized transporting algorithm are introduced. These algorithm act based on retransmission timeout control and selective acknowledgement number for transmissions in SCTP protocol. The offered algorithms using implemented NS-2 simulator and throughput improvement and reduction of packet delay time are compared with former protocols.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.