The Convergence of Human and Citizenship Rights in the Globalization Era

  •  Amir Biparva    
  •  Sayed Qasem Zamani    


Human and citizenship rights, the former refers to the individual for being a human and the latter to citizens of statesfor being members of a political community, have their own historical, social and political foundations. Therefore, any analysis about their relations should bring historical, social and legal foundations into consideration. While the content of citizenship rights can be analyzed in the context of human rights and in fact they origin from them, their relationship should be characterized based on their substantive and procedural aspects. One cannot claim the overlapping or inconsistency of these two rights just by conducting a shallow analysis. Particularly in the era of globalization and expansion of international communication, these rights have been the centerpiece of all global issues. Thus, paying attention to the relationships between these rights in both national and international levels is very important.

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