The Role of International Cooperation in Demarcation of Territorial Boundaries in International Law and Procedures

  •  Mohammad Saberrad    
  •  Seyed Ghasem Zamani    


Non-judicial developments in the field of boundary issues, with the aim of achieving stability and preserve it, move toward the ideal of international community. The ideal is to maintain international peace, order and security. Developments and advances are in the service of this ideal and countries take steps in this direction with responsibility than before and with believe in integrity of international peace, order and security, and apply technical and human progresses in this way. International organizations and countries, as the main subjects of international law, with understanding adverse consequences of instability, use all the tools necessary to achieve this goal and non-judicial developments occurring in delimitation of international territorial boundaries, are in line with this excellent goal. Today, countries cooperate wider than past in different ways and in all fields including boundary issues. Deep understanding toward the importance of international peace, order and security and legal belief to necessity of such cooperation, undoubtedly have facilitate today direction. Of course, the role of international institutions and organizations was very dramatic in developing such belief.

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