Reliable Wireless Sensor Protocol Based Health Monitoring System

  •  Munther Naif Thiyab    


The patient monitoring during normal activity is getting more and more significant as a standard method to prevent craniology process for detection of transient ischemiaperiod ,cardiac arrhythmias as well as silent myocardium ischemic. In this paper, we mainly focus on the structureand the composition of awireless (600m) synchronizationarrhythmias invigilator as well as a alarming device for patients. To realize the corresponding functions, a Wireless Transducer Protocol (WTP) based on Time Divisibility Double (TDD) is what we require, the implemented system is totally composed of four main nodes includingthe Core (dominant) node which is a personal computer-based Graphic user system. It works at anstable frequency of 915MHz. The passive node is a digital signal processor-based board connected with the patients whichcould receive two channels of full-spectrum ECG signal at the same time, and uploads processed data at a specificperiod to the core node. The MPC8260 communications and the computeris composed of the dominant nodedesigned to receive data, decompress, and analyze the latest data baggage. The SRWF-501F915 completednoderealize the data communication.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.