Coordinated Dynamics Control of a Free-Floating Dual-arm Space Robot

  •  Hongcai Zhao    
  •  Congqing Wang    
  •  Zhen Guo    


The dynamics control of a dual-arm space robot installed on a free-flying spacecraft without base position and orientation control holding a single object is discussed in this paper. The movement of two arms and the object seriously affects position and orientation of the base and the robot grasp programming later due to heavy coupling between the arms and the base. The closed kinematic chain constrains and the Generalized Jacobian Matrix (GJM) of the dual-arm space robot are built. In order to save energy consumption, a coordinated dynamics control scheme with zero internal forces control based on the well-known computed torque method is used to control the trajectory of a grasped object, in which the disturbance to the base can be effectively decreased. The validity of this method is proved by computer simulations for a grasp system with a planar dual-arm space robot of three freedoms.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.