Selective Reduction of 5-Nitro-2-Chloro-2',4'-Dimethylbenzene Sulfonanilide on Pd-Ru/?-Al2O3 Catalysts in Ionic Liquids

  •  Yajuan Zhao    
  •  Langsong Si    
  •  Xuehua Jin    
  •  Yulei Tai    


The use of ionic liquids as reaction medium for hydrogenation of 5-nitro-2-chloro-n- (2',4'-dimethyl)benze-nesulonamid(NCD) to 5-amino-2-chloro-n-(2',4'-dimethyl) benzenesulfonamid (ACD) has enabled us to obtain high selectivity on Pd-Ru/?-Al2O3 catalysts at 338 K under 0.35 MPa of hydrogen pressure. The selectivity for the hydrogenation of ACD in [EPy]Br or [BPy]Br was proved to be close to 100%. Additionally, the ionic liquids and molar ratio of Pd to Ru appeared to have a deepgoing influence on the selectivity of catalysts and at the highest-selectivity point, the molar ratio of Pd to Ru was 1:1 for hydrogenation of NCD in [XPy]Br.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.