Aloe Plant Extract as Environmentally Friendly Inhibitor on the Corrosion of Aluminum in Hydrochloric Acid in Absence and Presence of Iodide Ions

  •  A. M. Al-Turkustani    
  •  S. T. Arab    
  •  R. H. Al-Dahiri    


The study shows that the corrosion of Aluminum increases with increasing HCl concentration which indicates the dependence of Aluminum corrosion on the concentration of HCl .The inhibition efficiency of the corrosion by Aloe extract was found to increase with the increase of Aloe extract concentration. Its inhibitive action from chemical (hydrogen evolution and mass loss) and electrochemical (polarization and impedance) was in good agreement. Also, it was found that Aloe plant act as mixed type inhibitor. The corrosion of Aluminum is mainly controlled by a charge transfer process. The inhibition action occurred through the adsorption of the extract on Aluminum surface, the adsorption process follows Freundlish adsorption isotherm. The addition of iodide ions enhances the inhibition efficiency for Aloe plant extract.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.