A Design Method of BTT Missile Autopilot with the Impact of Feedforward

  •  Jun Zhou    
  •  Hanqiao Huang    
  •  Jianguo Guo    


In order to solve the feedforward problem of traditional back-to-turn (BTT) missile autopilot, this paper proposed a controller design method considering the forward effect. Firstly, according to the three-channel mathematic model of BTT missile, we built a mathematic model of autopilot control system. Secondly, by employing the Nussbaum-type gain technique as well as the adding a power integrator design, and based on the design needs of tracking and controlling overload steadily, we proposed a global nonlinear control strategy, and then designed a continuous nonlinear autopilot, which solved the feedforward problem of BTT missile on pitching channel. Thirdly, we strictly proved the stability of the control system in finite time by applying the method of Lyapunov stability theory. Finally, we gave a simulation example to show that the designed control system not only overcome the influence of uncertain factors and the problem of the stable error, but also improved the tracking precision.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.