Study on Utilization of Fly Ash Aggregates in Concrete

  •  S. Shanmugasundaram    
  •  S. Jayanthi    
  •  R. Sundararajan    
  •  C. Umarani    
  •  K. Jagadeesan    


In this study, the fine and coarse aggregates were completely replaced by fly ash aggregates in fly ash concrete. A mix design was done for M20 grade of concrete by IS method. Ordinary Portland cement of 43 grade was selected and fly ash aggregates were prepared by mixing fly ash with cement and water. The properties of fly ash fine aggregates and fly ash coarse aggregates were studied. The aggregate crushing value and aggregate impact value of fly ash coarse aggregates were also studied. The cement and fly ash proportions of 10:90, 12.5:87.5, 15:85, 17.5:82.5, 20:80 and 22.5:77.5 were tried with a suitable water cement ratio 0.3 to get the fly ash aggregates. The concrete cubes, cylinders and beams were cast with the fly ash aggregates obtained from the above six cement fly ash proportions. Then the compressive strength, split tensile strength and flexural strength were tested and compared with control concrete. This paper briefly presents the compressive strength development of fly ash aggregate concrete at different ages. The split tensile strength and flexural strength of all the concrete mixes were also investigated at different days of curing.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.