Demarcation of Territorial Boundaries in International Lawand Procedure: Technical Factors Role

  •  Mohammad Saberrad    
  •  Seyed Ghasem Zamani    


Technological advances in any domain effects other domains as well. International law and especially international boundaries take advantage of technical progresses orconsidering the factors which existed before but they have been neglected and put these factors in the service of its demands. Maybe if we consider each of the technical factors separately, we cannot understand their role properly in boundarydomains, but we study their setting in the form of boundaries demarcation and consider the package generally and investigate the relationship of internal factors. It is clear that technical factors have developed a great evolution in demarcation of territorial boundaries.Eventually, when the technical parameters are employed for demarcation of territorial boundaries, in fact they serve to its purpose; the purpose is nothing than maintaining international peace, order and security, the fact that is the existential philosophy of the United Nations organization. Thus, non-human factors have been served for human factors and maintain its values. Definitely next advances in technical factors will be along with other developments in boundaries domain.

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