Mechanical and Energy Absorption Properties of Foamed Concrete under One-dimension Strain Compression

  •  Xinbang Tian    
  •  Daiyu Zhang    
  •  Yunhui Niu    


Foamed concrete is a type of cellular concrete with excellent properties of impact attenuation and energy absorption. This study investigates the mechanical and energy absorption properties of foamed concrete. The relationship between elastic modulus and relative density of foamed concrete was exploited at one-dimension strain compressive loading condition, and a shape function was applied to describe the constitutive equation of  the foamed concrete. In this study one-dimension strain compressive testing method was employed. Based on stress strain curve and constitutive equation, yield stress, plateau stress, densification strain and energy absorption efficiency of foamed concrete were obtained, and the energy absorption property was also analyzed. This study can support the applications of foamed concrete in structural protection.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.