An Analysis on Locating and Finding the Most Appropriate Option in Order to Shifting Capital in Iran

  •  Masoud Taghvaei    
  •  Neda Rahmani    
  •  Mahsa Akrami    


Capital is the most important city in every country and it is the concentration center of political, social and economical powers. Every country is introduced by its capital. The issue of shifting capital is offered and conducted in some countries in the world. Iran had the experience of shifting its capital many times in different historical periods according to the certain circumstances. In this research, 19 options are examined. Type of the research is descriptive-analytical type and required information are collected in six indicators of environmental conditions, geographical position, locating in less dangerous zones, suitable facilities and infrastructures, cultural and social structures, economical status using documents and questionnaire. The collected data is analyzed using AHP by Expert Choice software. The obtained results indicate that among examined options, Hashtgerd, Doroud Vazena and Pardis are the most appropriate cities with weights 0.075, 0.068, 0.064, and Qom, Khomein and Hamadan are the most inappropriate cities for shifting capital with weights 0.043, 0.043 and 0.032.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.