Charging Systems of Electronic Devices in Urban Open Spaces, A Need Analysis and Design

  •  Parvin Shokri    
  •  Soudeh Shoarinejad    


Development of open spaces and parks with a focus on improving service level and environmental quality is one of the principles of sustained urban planning and design. This is a significant step for creating optimum conditions that may make such urban resources available to the public and bring the citizens closer to the nature. Paying attention to psychological and physiological needs of citizens in designing urban furniture is a leading way to this objective. The daily individual and social lives have, evidently, come under strong influence of the advancements of electronic instruments and mobile communication and their numerous applications. This paper pays special attention to the need for charging stands in urban open spaces and parks to be used for charging common electronic instruments. The tool used in this study is a questionnaire designed with Likert scales. The data obtained in this analytical-descriptive study were analyzed using IBM SPSS Statistics 21.The results revealed a need for charging stands across City as part of the urban furniture. Considering sustainable development factors, a type of stand is designed for an urban park in Tehran.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.