Analysis of the Relationship between Strategic Management and Human Resources Management in Informatics Services Company of Tehran Province

  •  Amir Kompani    
  •  Amir Babak Marjani    


Concepts of strategic management and human resource management has long been of interest of researchers and various studies have been done on the relationship between these concepts. In general, researchers believe that the strategic management of the organization leaves a significant role in human resource management. In this regard, the present study is an attempt to examine this relationship in the form of a conceptual model includes 12 hypotheses that have been tested and evaluated in the informatics services company with a population of 740 people. In this study, the concept of strategic management in the form of three basic dimensions: 1) strategic planning, 2) execution of strategy, and 3) assessment strategy has been defined. Human resource management also consists of four main dimensions: 1) attraction and retain the human resources, 2) perceived organizational support, 3) normative and affective commitment, and 4) Optional behavior.  The results showed that between strategic management and human resource management are positively and significantly correlated. As the results showed three independent variables of the study were able to predict more than half of dependent variable changes of human resource management, among which the variable of evaluation of strategy had the greatest role.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.