Solving the First Kind Fuzzy Integral Equations Using a Hybrid Regularization Method and Bernstein Polynomials

  •  A. K. Moloodpour    
  •  A. Jafarian    


A hybrid of regularization methodand Bernstein polynomials is used to solve the first kind fuzzy integral equations. In this paper, first the regularization method applied to convert the first kind fuzzy integral equation into the second kind fuzzy integral equation. Then by approximating Bernstein polynomials, the obtained second kind fuzzy integral equation is solved. In this method, one parameter was created in the second kind equation. When this parameter tends to zero, the solutions of integral equation of the second kind tend to solutions of the integral equation of the first kind. The obtained solutions are comparable to the solutions of the other similar methods. Performance of the mentioned method is illustrated by considering some example.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.