Developing Improvement Planning Phase in Project Management Maturity Models

  •  Ehsan Eshtehardian    
  •  Farhad Saeedi    


The suggested cycle of project management maturity model generally include phases of evaluation, planning, improvement and finally cycle repeat which is largely based on a cycle known as Deming or PDCA. “Improvement Planning Phase” is the most important phase requiring development among these models that it is not discussed much. The major criteria for prioritization and planning in this phase were investigated in a research by authors. At first, the literature of subject is reviewed, by doing a series of interviews with project management consultants then prioritization criteria is identified, and eventually it is continued with more analysis on each of these criteria by distributing the questionnaire. The most significant criteria can be mentioned as current maturity level, desired maturity level for each process, relative balance between maturity levels of different processes, relations (predecessor & successor) between processes, the impact of each process on success, resources and organizational effort required for implementation, the role of organization (employer/contractor) and the acceptance of organization in different processes. Finally, according to the criteria a model was developed for “improvement planning phase”. A model is regarded as an improvable point in these models if it pays attentions to all criteria in addition to the relative importance of each criterion and importance of each process compared to each criterion in form of a specific procedure.

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