A Bayesian via Laplace Approximation on Log-gamma Model with Censored Data

  •  Madaki Yusuf    
  •  Mohd Abu Bakar    
  •  Qasim Husain    
  •  Noor Ibrahim    
  •  Jayanthi Arasan    


Log-gamma distribution is the extension of gamma distribution which is more flexible, versatile and provides a great fit to some skewed and censored data. Problem/Objective: In this paper we introduce a solution to closed forms of its survival function of the model which shows the suitability and flexibility towards modelling real life data. Methods/Analysis: Alternatively, Bayesian estimation by MCMC simulation using the Random-walk Metropolis algorithm was applied, using AIC and BIC comparison makes it the smallest and great choice for fitting the survival models and simulations by Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods. Findings/Conclusion: It shows that this procedure and methods are better option in modelling Bayesian regression and survival/reliability analysis integrations in applied statistics, which based on the comparison criterion log-gamma model have the least values. However, the results of the censored data have been clarified with the simulation results.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.